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P.O. Box 87, SCS MI, 48080, 586.350.5219, Meeting Location:  Ram's Horn Restaurant, 9 Mile & Jefferson, St. Clair Shores, 48080 1st/3rd Tuesday each month 7:30 am  

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Shorewood Kiwanis Past Presidents

History teaches that in order to know where you are going, you must know where have been.  Without the previous leadership of these fine people, Shorewood Kiwanis Club of Michigan would not be the amazing group that we are today!     # =Past  Lt. Governor and *# = Past Govenor

1959 Mr. John Lewis 1990 Mr. Larry Lozo
1960 Mr. Jack Lees 1991
Mr. DenZak
1961 Mr. Pete Grande 1992
Mr. Frank Loria#
1962 Reverand Carl Steiner 1993 Ms. Catherine Seeley
1963 Mr. Julius Schielke 1994 Mr. Randy Pullin
1964 Mr. Jack Stevens 1995 Mr. Sam Ventamiglia
1965 Mr. Robert Hallock 1996 Mr. Eric Kinney
1966 Mr. John Koepsel; 1997 Mr. Mark Prisby
1967 Mr. Howard Robinson 1998 R.J. Koss
1968 Mr. Ralph Chenowith 1999 Mr. Rick Mielke##
1969 Mr Fred Schmekel 2000 Mr. William Nearon
1970 Mr. William Bombard 2001 Mr. Ed Bruinsma
1971 Mr. Ed Nodolski 2002 Mr. Terry Levins
1972 Mr. William Hershiser*# 2003 Mr. Hal Schaefer
1973 Mr. Art Armstrong 2004 Reverand Jack Cascione
1974 Mr. Fred Woelkers 2005 Mr. Mark Moffitt
1975 Mr. Stan Brooks 2006 Mr. Sandra Stanley
1976 Mr. Don Sweet 2007 Mr. Robert B. Frederick
1977 Mr. Vito Pellegrino 2008 Major Nathan Johnson
1978 Mr. Gus Blumline# 2009 Mr. Mark Stohlberg
1979 Mr. John Sharp 2010 Dr. Carl Papa*#
1980 Mr. Manfred Ronnisch 2011 Mr. Peter McInnes
1981 Mr. Dennis Dewulf 2012 Mr. Ed Bruinsma**
1982 Mr. Joe Snyder 2013 Mr. Colin Casey
1983 Mr. Larry Sugg 2014 Mrs. Heidi Hall McInnes
1984 Mr. Jerry Drowns 2015 Mrs. Heidi Hall McInnes*#/Ed Bruinsma*
1985 Mr. Dick Golbert 2016 Mr. Ed Bruinsma
1986 Dr. Carl Papa#
1987 Me. Bill Shehy
1988 Mr. Robert Anderson
1989 Mr. Michael Boyle#